Kaeli Wiltbank Reflection Blog: Feminism in Utah

Reflections on Women in Utah recently rank more sexist than men 


I haven’t always been passionate about feminism, in fact, I used to think it was quite bogus how women were being so stubborn about their “rights.” I’m not sure when and I can’t even say what triggered the change, but I’ve recently become very passionate about women’s rights. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of members who are very turned off by the word feminism. It’s a strange thing because I know that they would never support gender inequality and most of the members of the church are very passionate about living a life of good morals and ethics.

When I read the above-mentioned article from the Salt Lake Tribune and learned that not only is Utah one of the most sexist states in the nation but that it’s the women who are more sexist than the men, honestly I wasn’t surprised. There is an air of competitiveness among LDS women that can really be destructive.

Did you know that Utah is number six for the number of plastic surgeons per US capita? While I would love to attribute this statistic to men, I believe that it comes as a direct result of women living in a never-ending beauty pageant.

While writing this article and interviewing people, I found that others also expected no less from Utah. It didn’t come as a surprise that Utah was ranked so lowly, but some were surprised that it was women who were more sexist than men. Although, after conversing about the matter, women were able to see the destructive behavior that is present in our society.

This article was fun to write! I enjoy talking with people about feminism and it’s interesting to interview people and learn from them.