Kyle Lanterman: Reflection Blog

by Kyle Lanterman

My story covers the service exemplified by the Bennion Center on the campus of the University of Utah, as well as the people who are involved. I developed my story ideas by thinking of something relevant to the salt lake community and the campus of the U. Then I realized that volunteering is extremely positive in helping those two communities. I located my sources by viewing the staff on the Bennion Center’s website, and then seeing who would be good candidates for interviews. They turned out being the best sources for me and the right decisions. The only obstacles I encountered was loosing my notes to one interview source. I overcame this by speaking to her again through email, and then making sure the next person I interviewed I recorded on my phone. I made sense of all the information I gathered by feeling the attitude my interview subjects expressed while discussing the work that is done through the Bennion Center. I then made sense of this by telling a story about how that work is relevant to the area of Salt Lake City and on campus at the U. The writing process was lengthy, I learned that I should start writing the day I get the interviews so that the information gathered from them is fresh in my mind. Something interesting that didn’t make it into my story was a student named Katie Barber’s work. She is currently fighting against the drug naloxone in the state of Utah. This is something that surprised me, because I tend to forget about the prescription drug problem in Utah. I think its even cooler that a student is doing so much to help fight against an issue like that. Overall, this story was something that was exciting to cover. I felt a responsibility to accurately write about great work from great people at the Bennion Center.