Michael Sanchez – Reflection Blog

I have to deal with parking issues most days when I come to the University of Utah. I park my car on campus because I have to be at work immediately after class. I have small daily annoyances when it comes to parking at the U. This is what sparked my interest in parking.

My sources were easy to find. My first interview was Alma Allred, who is the Executive Director of Commuter Services. He was easy to schedule an interview with, I made contact with his secretary and scheduled a meeting within the week. My other interviews were found by walking around parking lots and asking people if I could talk to them. The insight I received varied from someone with parking concerns to someone on staff who never worries about parking because he comes to campus very early.

What surprised me personally was that employees of Commuter Services have to pay for their own parking. No employees of the University of Utah receives free parking. This surprised me because before starting my story on parking, I believed that faculty is allowed to park for free. Also, Commuter Services receives no money from student fees or from the state. The department is run purely on money collected from parket permits and tickets.  

At first I believed parking to be sort of a dull subject. As I compiled my interviews and wrote my story it became apparent that there are many interesting aspects when it comes to parking.