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By Taylor Watkins

Election Recap – What’s Next for Utah?

Initially, I wanted to write my Enterprise Story on the importance of voting in midterm and local elections. However, I changed my story idea and decided to write about the midterm elections and how students foresee the results impacting themselves and their peers. For the most part, I chose random sources that I had classes with, but I also wanted the results to come from a wider-range of students. I ended up interviewing three students and one professional seeking a Master’s degree in Political Communications focusing on Political Strategy and Campaigns. The best sources for my story were the students because they each gave a unique perspective on the issues they are facing and how this election impacted them.

One of the main issues I encountered while writing this story was keeping everything non-biased and trying to represent best the opinions I don’t necessarily agree with. I addressed this by maintaining a neutral tone throughout the entire article and focusing on informing the reader. I created a story with all the information I gathered by concentrating on the student perspective of the election and how the results will impact individuals.

One thing that surprised me when writing this article was how challenging it was to get started, and how long it took me to complete the project. The most challenging part was trying to decide how I wanted to present my article and what perspective of the elections I wanted to focus on. It was hard trying to write something that would attract a wide variety of audiences, especially something that would be meaningful to students.