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By: Trevor Hofer

My Story: Poor air quality continues to be an issue for residents of Salt Lake City

My first choice of what I wanted to do my enterprise story on was the American Football Association team starting here in Salt Lake City. However, finding sources for this story proved to be too difficult to find and to get a hold of. My next choice for my enterprise story was the poor air quality in Salt Lake City. The reason why I chose this as my enterprise story because I have lived in Salt Lake City my entire life and have dealt with this my whole life. Everyone to whom I talked about with this was always complaining about the air quality, and so this led to me being curious about how the city has plans for improving the air quality.

I first looked at the department of environmental quality for the state of Utah to see what they have planned for the air quality for Salt Lake City and what were their plans for improving our air quality.  I also chose to look at the American Lung Association because the air quality affects our lungs and one of the articles which I read mentioned the American Lung Association. I then decided to reach out to one of their experts to see how poor air quality can affect our health. One of the main things that I found most surprising was that how much of an impact the pollutant particles and the ozone can affect our health especially our lungs. I would suggest that one would study up more about this topic because us as residents of the state of Utah we should care about the environment. We should treat the world like our health, and we all desire to be healthy. Therefore, we should want the same for our city.  It is crucial to look at the programs and regulations that the DEQ has set out for us to improve the air quality.