Courtland Schwerdt: Reflection Blog





Thinking about what I wanted to write about for my enterprise story I knew I wanted to write about something that I’m passionate about and would be informational to my audience. My story centers around two subjects that I think applies to a lot of college students, startups and social media. A critical component for this story is developing interesting leads to interview. I immediately thought about my two best friends that I did summer sales with four years ago. In 2017, they created a startup company, Giorgi Verdi, a custom-suit company that markets purely through social media. Originally my story was going to investigate if the Lassonde Institute and the David Eccles School of Business have incorporated social media marketing into their curriculum. The sources that I wanted to interview are the two founders of the suit company and one marketing director of the Lassonde Institute. When dealing with finding sources to develop my story I really learned about how different sources can affect the development of the story. I encountered a huge obstacle when trying to follow through with my sources. One of the key interviewees for my story was unable to work with my deadline. I was unable to contact someone from one of the business schools, so I had to come up with a third interviewee, fast. Coming up with a different source for my story, totally changed what I was going to write about. I actually think this was pretty cool about creating story because finding a new source changed my story completely. Instead of interviewing someone from the university about social media and its inclusion in the academic curriculum.  I decided to interview another company that operates through social media. I decided to change my story and focus on how social media has saved startups huge costs in marketing and how it has contributed to their success. I also wanted to write about the benefits that a company can have when purely operating out of social media. It was really cool working with what I had developing my story.