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My Blog: When I sought out for what I wanted to write for my enterprise story, I originally was set on some business related stories, but I realized that none of the topics were sticking with me and I began to stress. So I thought, why not just write it on stress and how stress can impact students on campus? I’m sure there’s other students who feel the same way.

I believe that my story can be educational and informing, to those who need to know where they can go for resources, when dealing with stress. I also believe that it is a relatable story, hence why I used two students view on their stress during the college season. 

Gathering information for my story was quite easy, since it is such a relatable topic. I had interviewed two students, a doctor, and a health coach. I started each interview with what their current status was (student, doctor, etc). I then asked what experiences they have had with stress and how they believe they can maintain stress. I asked if they knew of any resources available to help with stress, as well.

I choose to write more about the students stories on how stress had affected them, due to believing that students want to be heard and I wanted other students to be able to relate. I then furthered my writing to where to go if needed assistance to stress. Later, I wrote a short discussion on how stress can make existing issues more chronic like diabetes.

Reflecting on my writing, I noticed it went a different direction than what I was going for, but that’s the beauty of writing.

My Story: Causes to college student stress and helpful resources at the U  

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