Alex Stein: Reflection blog

As I narrowed down my topics for my enterprise story, I knew I wanted to incorporate diabetes into my article. Since 2009 I’ve had Type One Diabetes and it has dramatically changed my life. Most people know that there are Type One and Type Two diabetes but often get the two confused or assume that they are similar when in actuality they are two completely different diseases. As a Type One, I’ve noticed over the years that the media sheds more light on Type Two Diabetes. I felt that there were far too many issues amongst the Type One community that needed to be brought to the public’s attention.

The increasing drug prices, specifically Insulin, is something that not only affects me but also thousands of other Americans with Type One Diabetes. When writing and interviewing people for my story I needed to be cautious to not insert my personal beliefs into my writing. I found that, while I took out my bias, the people I interviewed all had a similar opinion which helped me when writing the story. I was able to insert a cohesive voice across the three individuals. Overall, the story was much harder to put together than I thought because of how much more information and people I needed to talk to in order to get to the bottom of the complicated issue of drug pricing and price increases. However, I think it is important to start the conversation amongst all demographics which I hope my enterprise story is able to do.