Emily Albrecht

My Story: In the Salt Lake Fire Department, it’s still a man’s world

My Blog:Finding a balance when writing about harassment

About Me: Two years into my undergraduate degree at the University of Utah, I’ve begun to realize that writing will always be an essential part of whatever I do. This isn’t just by necessity, although writing is integral to just about everything. The real reason is that I love writing. I always have, and I always will. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to change that. My two most involved hobbies at the moment are writing for the Utah chapter of the collegiate magazine Her Campus and my newly-minted food blog, Pancakes and Porridge.

I’m currently pursuing a double major in English and Strategic Communication. Although my current plan is to go into copy writing and advertising, my ideas of the future are always shifting. I like to stay open to new opportunities and new ideas. My mantra is that I’m still so young and the world is changing so much, there’s no reason to put myself in a box too early.

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