New marketing strategies help a local business grow

Story and photos by PAMELA SMITH

 Salt Lake City is made up of many local businesses that are run by friends, neighbors, and others in the community. These businesses help the local economy prosper. But it can be daunting competing against large corporations.

Highlighted is one local business in the Salt Lake area that has made a name for itself with little marketing — until now, when it recently changed its marketing strategies in order to grow and stay competitive.

Sacred Energy is a crystal, meditation and energy shop, located on 261 E. 4500 South in Murray. Owner Janet Wall started the company in 2016 and it has only prospered since then. She has taken the store from one location to three in just a few short years.

Being a spiritual person, Wall was constantly traveling to Phoenix to take classes and learn about the various types of energy work and uses for various crystals. Wanting to create a classroom closer to home, she thought up the idea of Sacred Energy. But, working a 9-5 job made it nearly impossible to start a business.

Three years ago, she asked the spirits to lay her off of her administrative assistant job so that she could open up Sacred Energy and help others learn this spiritual practice. Over the past three years, the store has flourished with the help of her husband, customers, and energy workers, the people who do tarot reading and run the classes. Wall says opening this business has impacted her life and “changed her world completely.”

The shop’s main location sells crystals, jewelry and healing books, and offers a variety of energy work such as sound baths, crystal healing chamber, Reiki, card readings, and aura pictures. The other two locations are energy healing retreats for people to rent and hold weekend getaways and more intimate customized classes.

Being a small business, Wall has only used Facebook and word of mouth to market the shop. Although these marketing strategies have brought her lots of customers, more crystal shops are popping up and she has had to hire a woman to work on the media presence and make her stand out.

Wall says that Google, Instagram and Twitter are a few of the media platforms she plans on having her media person use for the shop.

Sacred Energy’s website will give you full details for all the events, activities, and items you can purchase, as well as bios for the energy workers.

The moment you walk into Sacred Energy you are overtaken with a positive and calm atmosphere. The staff welcomes everyone with smiles and a helping hand to find what you need. Wall wants to know that everyone who enters into Sacred Energy has a purpose or reason for walking in. She is truly there to help people and isn’t in it for the money.

Customers who walk in bring a different kind of energy. She says that she loves to watch people grow spiritually and enjoys building relationships with them.

Erica Blewett has been going to Sacred Energy for almost three years. She heard about it through a friend and now also continues to inform her friends of the relaxed environment it provides. She has gone to other crystal stores, but none have quite the same atmosphere as Sacred Energy.

Wall says Sacred Energy is set apart from other stores such as Dancing Crane, Lotus, and Turyeas because of the “good energy you feel when you walk in and our high-quality crystals.” Although she doesn’t believe in competition, she says “there is a purpose for each business.”

Sacred Energy’s motto will surely draw in all who want to find self-awareness and feel like they are a part of a community: “To provide high rejuvenation products and services to our community; that offers spiritual awareness, growth, and transformation. Within the peaceful retreat and home away from home, clients enjoy a variety of alternative, holistic, and spiritual interpretations and modalities, all within an unbiased and loving environment.”

Crystal healer and Reiki master Michael Eakett is one of 11 energy workers who teach at Sacred Energy. He teaches mediation and he says, “It has changed my life for the better.”

Eakett was not on a “good path.” Sacred Energy gave him a place to go and be a part of a community. He promotes himself by business cards, word of mouth, and Facebook. With his way of marketing, he brings in many customers for the shop who want to grow in their spirituality.

“I want to help people be the best they can be.” he says. “I know that if I don’t meditate daily I get lost. Hopefully I can just teach people the power of mediation.”

With all the large corporations taking over, Sacred Energy seems to be keeping up by revamping the way it markets itself. Watch for posts on Twitter and Instagram.