Reflections on the film industry in Utah

by Ryan Michaud

While developing this story, I had to think about what it was that I truly wanted to write about.  A few different things came to mind. The one I settled on is a feature story about the film industry in Utah. Now that I had developed the idea, it was time to get some information. I was fortunate enough to know someone who works in Park City T.V. He allowed me to interview him about Sundance Film Festival. After this interview I got in contact with another individual who works in building movie sets in Utah. This gave me another view on the film industry some of the down sides to it. Once I had a decent bit of information, I realized how little I actually understood about this topic.  Having one person tell me one thing and another with a completely different view on the same topic. Having multiple sources helps eliminate the bias. I have learned a lot about news writing while working in this piece. Before this I have never done writing in this form, with a background in creative writing it has been a drastic change in writing styles. It was hard to adapt, constantly checking the AP style guide to double check all if the rules, and even now I still find myself struggling. Something that surprised me while working on this was how big the film industry in Utah really was, from movie stars at Sundance, to hiring students as extras in movies. The amount of money that goes into the making theses films is incredible, they pay their employees handsomely but it comes with a cost. Long shifts and living in hotels for weeks at a time during final days of production. The film industry is incredible, its amazing the extent we go to for the enjoyment we receive while watching screens at home.