Michael Boswell: Reflection on Campus involvement and student success

By Michael Boswell: Campus involvement and student success

As an incoming Freshman, I remember being scared of college. The idea of college and not knowing what was in store for me was intimidating. When we were told to write a story, this idea instantly popped into my head. Since I play rugby I was curious how my college experience differed to other students. Was it beneficial to be a part of a club or organization on campus, or was there no major impact. How could joining a club or Greek Row help or make it more difficult? Locating my sources was fairly easy. I knew a lot of people apart of on-campus organizations but little who aren’t. It was also difficult to find a study on students who aren’t apart of organizations and how their success is. They were the best sources because they have been students at the U for some time now, and understand the effects of being apart or not being apart of something on campus. My focus was to provide people with a solution. If you were thinking about joining but were scared, or maybe you weren’t how could it affect or better your college experience. My writing process was broken up into multiple days. Knocking bits and pieces out time at a time. I found this to be quite effective. My brain was able to stay fresh and process information as needed. What surprised me was how passionate people were towards what they were apart of.