Rebecca Hale


The new coronavirus shaves years off school communication growth


I developed my story from the new communication options that both of my sons’ schools have taken part in due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the story developed, the perspective broadened into a comparison of past and present communication. When I realized that I was not receiving information from one school, but overwhelming information from another, it had me questioning why. In this day and age, it is important to have parents informed and there are ways to make sure they receive updates through one or multiple channels of their choosing. 

My sources were located through close friends of mine. 

Richard Miller, chief executive officer of Carrier SI Inc., has been such an asset to the story as he is currently making the communication market increasingly more valuable every day. From my interview with Miller, I could sense that he isn’t quitting any time soon, and has what’s best for the clients at heart. Sharing his knowledge of what communication was, what it is now, and where it is going has me excited for schools across our nation. 

As the story developed, I became aware it would need to shift to be told effectively. Once I shifted, it became more clear what the focus would be, which made any further obstacle easier to approach and deal with. 

Larry and Florence Weir have advanced degrees and years of teaching experience. Through the interview process, I was wishful that I’d had them as teachers myself. They were vital to my enterprise story to help contrast the way communication with the way it is today.

COVID-19 didn’t pose any major problems with my story. With Miller, I met with him through a Zoom meeting, which I think for his busy schedule was probably much easier than trying to meet in person. Larry and Florence were gracious and willing to have me to their home, masked, and socially distant to go through the interview. 

Making sense of all the information gathered took longer than anticipated. It helped that I was allowed by all interviewees to record our interviews, which I did through Otter. This was an amazing option because I was able to search words, listen to the interviews again, find the focus, and supporting information. 

The writing process was a little harder than anticipated. It didn’t line up with what I originally had planned writing about. The craft of writing for me is a process of write, review, read out loud, re-write, and repeat. I enjoy writing this way because I am able to get feedback (whether I agree or disagree) and get an outside perspective on what I’m writing. 

I was surprised by how the story changed in certain areas but also how the story ultimately turned out. Also, I was surprised by the willingness of my sources to answer questions and be recorded. They are the necessary glue throughout the story. 


Rebecca Hale has lived in Utah her whole life. While working in the dental field, she realized that she had a dream outside of dentistry, and started on her educational path. Being married with two kids, Rebecca has chosen to only do school part-time until this semester, but she has gleaned perspectives and experiences that she couldn’t have had if she had taken a different route.  

Dabbling a little in artistic venues, Rebecca became a hobbyist photographer. Eventually, for her own fulfillment, she would enjoy combining her love for traveling, photography, and amazing food into one collaboration as gratification for her soul. Rebecca is currently finishing up her senior year at the University of Utah where she is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2021. Having started so long ago on her educational journey, she is eager to be finishing this chapter of her life and is ready to start the next chapter.