Danny Baeza


An inside look at the University of Utah’s baseball program


When it comes to my enterprise story, I used a long writing process.

To begin I was tasked with developing a story idea. I knew right away that I wanted to write about sports, the only problem being that I didn’t know which sport to write about.

My first idea that I pitched was titled, “The life of a student athlete in a pandemic.” However I quickly decided that writing about baseball was more my speed.

This being said I came up with a similar behind-the-scenes type of story and titled it, “An inside look at the University of Utah’s baseball program.”

Once I decided on this story I began to look for sources. I already knew many of the athletes on the team and asked them who they believed would have the best insight. Once I received their answers I contacted my potential interviewees.

I received confirmation from Christopher Rowan Jr., Justin Kelly, and Director of Operations Logan Nehls on if they were willing to be interviewed. I then set up times to meet with each of them.

These three candidates were perfect fits for my story, as they each had an interesting point of view on the program. Rowan is a utility player, while Kelly is a pitcher. However, Nehls was more of a logistical viewpoint.

Luckily each of my interviewees was able to meet in person. During our interviews we followed COVID-19 guidelines in order to maintain a safe environment.

Once I had gathered all the information I needed, it was time to start putting together the puzzle. I decided that the most important aspects of my interviews were the day to day schedule, and how the players manage to push through.

Most stories on athletics speak on the physical side of sports, I, on the other hand, wanted to speak on the mental side of sports. I decided I wanted to include how both Rowan and Kelly survived their season-ending injuries.

I ended up not using most of my interview, because it wouldn’t have flowed as well.

I was surprised at how much I was able to leave out, while also writing a well thought out story at the same time. 

Overall my experience with preparing and writing a story like this was exciting and grueling at the same time. Nevertheless, when the story was completed I felt a great sense of satisfaction in how far I’ve come.


I grew up in South Jordan, Utah, however, I was born in Los Angeles. I have lived in Utah for 15 out of my 21 years, but am still more accustomed to the warm weather. Even so, I’ve come to love the beautiful state I call home. 

I grew up as an athlete, playing many sports, but loved none more than baseball. Being an athlete taught me to strive to be the best version of myself at all times, and to compete in everything I do. Not only did it teach me to compete, but to also be willing to work with others, and to be open-minded. 

Along with sports my passions include music and film. I am constantly adding to my record collection or creating new playlists.

I graduated from Jordan High School in Sandy, Utah, in 2018, spending four great years there, and making many great friends along the way. I originally entered the University of Utah as a kinesiology major, with dreams of being a physical therapist.  However, in the spring of 2021, I made the switch to journalism. I made this switch because I find writing to be an outlet, especially when it comes to writing about my passions. 

I hope to one day work for a major athletic organization. Using the tools I’ve learned in life, and in the classroom to my advantage. I am motivated as I start my journey toward reaching this dream.