Yeh-Rhym Cheon



One day, my father came home with a box full of masks. I asked him where he got these masks, and he replied that he got them from a friend who runs a company that makes facial sheet masks. This is how I could meet and have an interview with Han-Jong Kim, the CEO of OTK Corp.

After meeting with him, I was curious about the current situation of other companies in South Korea. Hence, I conducted interviews with several people from different small- and medium-sized enterprises.

When recruiting interviewees, I tried to find someone who works in various fields to listen to their different stories. It was not easy to find and contact people from a wide range of career fields. Luckily for me, my acquaintance helped me find interviewees, and I could meet Mrs. Kwak and Ms. Lee.

Now, everyone has become susceptible due to the COVID-19, and I expected there would be interviewees who refuse to have an interview. But unexpectedly, all interviewees kindly answered my questions even though it may have been hard to talk about their business situation.

Overall, this pandemic situation was the main problem. We conducted all interviews over the phone for safety, but it was sad that I could not meet them and hear their stories in person. I believe I would have been able to empathize with their feelings and write down more details. However, I sincerely thank the interviewees for their active support in completing my article successfully.

In this grim situation, I want people to find hope by reading my article. Therefore, I focused on writing on the positive impact of the COVID-19, which is the story of Mr. Kim. I also included stories and resources that illustrate the negative consequences of the epidemic to help readers relate.

It was a challenge for me to write on a topic that everyone was going through. I needed attention and concentration while writing since COVID-19 is a sensitive topic. But, as mentioned above, I did my best to write an article that can give people hope.

As Mr. Kim said at the end of my article, I believe the end of COVID-19 is coming soon, and I cannot wait to see people’s smiles.


The picture was taken in Gangneung in South Korea.

Yeh-Rhym Cheon was born in Albany, New York. When she was 5 years old, she moved with her family to Siheung, South Korea, and has been living in Korea for 19 years.

To continue her English studies, she graduated from Fort Worth Christian School International in Yangju, South Korea.

From the 2017 spring semester, she started to study strategic communication as a major and leadership as a minor at the University of Utah.

After two years of courses at the University of Utah Asia Campus in Songdo, South Korea, she transferred to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to complete her Bachelor of Arts.

Now, she is a senior and is preparing to take the first step towards society. She is still trying to find her dream job. However, music is Yeh-Rhym’s great interest. She loves listening to music and playing a lot of different musical instruments. 

As she is passionate about music, she worked as an audio assistant at the Winter Games 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

She also did an internship for a year at SMiTH Corp, a multi-channel network company. It was her job to manage all of the communication processes between business and music YouTube creators.

Through various opportunities of work experiences, Yeh-Rhym will try her best to find and achieve her happiness.