Caleb Strange


What it truly means to be a football fan


In the early stages of deciding what I wanted to write about, I had a friend ask me about becoming a football fan and what it really meant. It really stuck with me and I decided to expand and see what it was truly like. I think a big thing that really made it difficult for me to write this story was the ability to stay out of the story. I am a fan of football myself and I feel like I used my own examples in the story rather than expanding on what was given to me.

Expanding on my sources, I feel my sources had the right mindset for this story. They have been fans of football their whole lives and I feel like they were perfect interviews for me. They really understood exactly what I was asking.

I think the pandemic made it difficult to write this because, as we all know, we were at home for most of 2020, and there were no fans in attendance for the games during the pandemic. Something that I wanted to include in my story was how did you adapt during the pandemic being a fan, knowing you couldn’t be there.  

The writing process was actually fairly easy once I got everything organized and constructed how I wanted to write it. I find that once I get writing, I actually really love it, and that is something that I have to remember for my future. I was surprised with how easy it came to me, I felt like when I sat down and got into it, it came naturally.

I really enjoyed writing this story because it let me explore something that I am very passionate about but never thought of before. The whole process was interesting, coming up with ideas, and I had a lot of fun.


Caleb Strange is a Communication major at the University of Utah. He grew up in Concord, California, but in 2014 his family moved to Park City, Utah. Caleb grew up watching the Warriors, 49ers, and San Francisco Giants, so his love for sports started at a young age. This inspired him to want to explore more of what sports had to offer.

Caleb began his college life at Westminster in Salt Lake City, as a vocal major. After that first semester, he was starting to question if he should continue in vocal or maybe look a different route. He settled on communication focused on journalism, because he thought that would help him achieve his dreams of sports broadcasting. After studying communication at Westminster for a semester, Caleb transferred to the University of Utah to continue his studies. This was right around the beginning of the pandemic.

Something that Caleb also loves and another reason he wanted to pursue journalism, was Marvel and DC movies. As well as sports broadcasting, Caleb hopes that one day he can cover the newest superhero movies and write about them.

This might be important to mention, but Caleb is actually moving to Orlando in January to take part in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World.