Raegan Zitting


Three local women entrepreneurs share their success stories


As I was drafting ideas on a newsworthy and exciting story, I concluded that locality and women were of the utmost importance.

With the pandemic still being a prominent issue, I decided to turn the viewpoint on a devasting time into a success story for incredible businesses in the Salt Lake City community.

With this idea in mind, I reached out to some local businesses that all shared the common trait of being women-owned and ethically practiced.

As I began crafting my story, I learned that connection was so important to me in how I write. After developing personal stories and triumphs from these incredible women, I knew I needed to showcase their business now more than ever.

Sorting through the information was a challenge at first, mainly because of these women’s extraordinary detail. However, connecting it all to the focus of women in business during a pandemic and, more specifically, how they grew from that made the most sense.

I was genuinely so surprised by how much the pandemic grew these local businesses’ sales. I went into these interviews with a completely different story in mind. Thus, I was ultimately thrown for a loop when the information favored a success story rather than a sorrowful one.

Going through this story journey connected me to these women in a way I have never connected to anyone! I got to see a different side of business owners and it without a doubt increased my appreciation for local shops in my community.

Piggybacking off that growth, I now choose only to shop locally and sustainably. These women truly shifted my thinking, and I only spoke to three! Imagine the impact of hundreds; maybe I’ll find out in another story.


Raegan Zitting (she/her) is an aspiring journalist studying communication at the University of Utah. Participating in the world-renowned HER campus Raegan loves writing about local and community matters. With a passion for fashion, Raegan hopes to one day work for a fashion magazine in New York City. Growing up in a small town has inspired Raegan to report the little details rather than the big ones, while still loving the big cities. Working at Nordstrom for a year and a half Raegan has now taken a leap and started a job at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Before realizing her passion for writing Raegan took an interest in cheerleading for four years. Working her way up to the position of captain Raegan learned the trials and tribulations of leadership and its importance. Cheerleading was a big part of the reasoning for Raegan’s interest in community writing.

With a projected bachelor’s degree in communication and a master’s in design Raegan has big educational dreams. Some of Raegan’s interests include cooking, exercising, reading, and of course writing.