Jonathan Little


University of Utah esports


I came up with the idea for my story from a colleague of mine who said he had recently joined the esports team. Having heard nothing about this, I was highly intrigued and decided to learn more about the program. I have always played video games with friends growing up and was amazed that there are competitive environments on a collegiate level. The story idea was a perfect blend of the interest I already had coupled with the curiosity of esports.

Through my co-worker, I was able to get in touch with the three sources I used for the story. He helped me join the Utah esports discord server and from there I was able to contact players easily through the platform. I also researched a large amount about esports itself through multiple websites and published articles.

I decided to use these three sources in particular because they were each a part of different Utah esports teams. This way I was able to hear from three different sections of esports and not have my knowledge limited by just one or two of their teams. Additionally, all of my sources had been a part of their respective clubs for more than a year, so they were very familiar with the program.

At first, I struggled with the writing process because I was not sure how I wanted to build my lead and introduce the topic. After multiple drafts, I finally found the right way to start it off and the rest of the story flowed easily. My sources gave me great quotes to use, which helped to make the body and conclusion.

I was shocked to learn how popular esports is and how much money has been awarded at large tournaments. I am excited to see what the future has in store for this sport and how it will progress.


Jonathan Little was born in Las Vegas and lived there for 12 years before moving to Boise, Idaho, to graduate high school. After he graduated, Jonathan moved to Salt Lake City where he began studying at the University of Utah.

Jonathan is currently a fourth-year student studying communication with an emphasis in journalism. He found his passion for writing in high school when two of his English teachers opened his eyes to the joy of writing. He also found a passion for music after playing alto saxophone in his high school jazz band.

He hopes to one day work as an entertainment journalist for popular magazines like Rolling Stone, Billboard, or Genius. His dream is to combine his two interests into the perfect career in the music entertainment world.