Sophia Roney


Behind the curtain: Women in the U’s Theatre Department discuss underrepresentation


When it came time to decide on a story idea, my heart was set on developing one involving sports and mental health. However, as I searched for sources to interview, I was unlucky in my attempts. I lost my story. I became frightened and unsure as to what I should do next.

I consulted my professor and decided I should pursue another storyline. I immediately decided that my next story would be based in theater. I have a great fondness for theater and performing on stage. I was thrilled about the opportunity to speak with people with the same excitement for theater as I have.

As I searched for sources to interview, I knew the best place to locate them was in the University of Utah Department of Theatre. I was able to interview two professors and a student partaking in theater. The sources provided the best details about key elements in theater production.

Throughout the process of creating my article, I had to change course on what type of story I would write. Although the change of plans frightened me, I grew to connect with my article. Relating to the story with my own individual experiences allowed me to discover the focal point for the article, which is women in theater.

When I began the interview process, I interviewed each of my sources over Zoom. This proved to be a convenient way of communication because I could access my sources right from my living room. With this unique opportunity to receive their thoughts on theater, I wrote down notes throughout the process. As I compiled my thoughts, I discovered my focus. That brought me to the conclusion that women’s importance in theater would become the way I integrated each of the different interviews.

Gathering the women’s quotes became the way I began the writing process for the article. Once I established their thoughts, it helped me form an outline of how I perceived how the article would flow. I learned that the best way for me to write was to create a visual of the outline and set out all my notes in the order I wanted the information to be introduced. However, some details from the interviews did not make it into my final draft. These anecdotes were the connections I made with interviewees when discussing our mutual love for theater. With some we would connect over our appreciation for musicals such as “The Phantom of the Opera,” or “Les Misérables.” Overall, the effort put into the final product has become one of my most memorable experiences.


I am currently a full-time student at the University of Utah. I am majoring in Communication with an emphasis in journalism. I aspire to become a broadcast journalist. With this position in mind, I hope to bring to light important issues and entertain the audience while doing so. In my spare time, I enjoy skiing, running with my dogs, creating graphic designs, singing, and hanging out with friends and family.