Halee Cram

Photo by Stephanie Simons



Interviewing Chad Lewis and learning more about him was a great experience for me. Getting an appointment with him is no easy task, considering he is a very busy man with many people demanding his time. He was very gracious to find time for me and welcomed me into his office at BYU to discuss his past and future.

The biggest challenge I faced when writing this story was narrowing down the information. Lewis is such an interesting person with many experiences to share. I wanted to make sure that I presented him adequately and told his story the way that he would like for it to be told. Many people know about his NFL career, but don’t have a concept of his charity work or the big family that he is responsible for. Talking to him helped me to realize that fame does not change who you are, unless you let it. He has adhered to his values and passed them along to his children and many other individuals. He is an inspiring individual.


My name is Halee Cram and I am a student at the University of Utah, majoring in communication. I want to be the next big thing in broadcast journalism. The news of the world interests me and I love to learn. I want to expand my education and become the best person that I can be. I hope to make a difference in the world of journalism by being an ethical reporter who remembers her audience. I am ambitious, self-motivated and have a knack for finding interesting and important things to pass on to my friends, family and those who read my works or follow me on social media.