Lauren Berg



While developing my news articles I was faced with many obstacles and challenges that were entirely unexpected. Although I was new to writing news articles, I have been interested in writing and have been writing for a very long time. I was surprised with the struggles I had when it came to trying to write in the AP style and format.

Finding a topic to write about and getting the information needed to write the stories was the simple part of the writing process for me. I did find struggles with actually interviewing sources, though. I felt like I prepared my questions and researched to the best of my ability. Although, if the person I was interviewing wasn’t interested in being interviewed, I felt like I had difficulty getting a good amount of quality information. The best sources were those who have been involved with the topic for a while. Not only did they seem more passionate, but much more informed on the subject.

My passion for writing greatly helped the increasing progress of my news article writing, along with the constant practice of writing in AP style during class. Throughout the course of my news writing class I have slowly become more interested with the journalism aspect of communication. My focus has always been on the strategic communication, public relations/event planning side, and still is, but I am now more open minded toward the journalistic side as well as the process that goes into getting a story.


I am a 21-year-old student currently enrolled at the University of Utah. I am in the process of taking classes to pursue my future goal of becoming a public relations or event planning professional. I transferred in Fall 2011 from the University of North Dakota to not only broaden my group of professional connections, but to obtain a better degree (the communication program at UND was beginning to dwindle).

Although I currently don’t have much experience under my belt, I am very passionate about communication and strive to improve my professional experience within the mass communication world.