Mia Micic



Before I start writing my stories I always brainstorm ideas that I feel will grab the audience’s attention and that will be interesting to read.

Once I have my story idea I think of who will be the best source for my article in order to provide the most knowledgeable information so I can write the best story I can.

When I came up with my idea for my profile story I thought it would be an interesting story for people to read because it showed someone’s struggles and that they were able to achieve what they wanted with determination. I was able to locate my sources easily because they are family friends but through this interview I was able to learn so much more about them that I didn’t know before.

For this interview I had to interview them in a different language, so my biggest problem that I ran into was translating everything from Serbo-Croatian to English when I was writing. At times it was very difficult for me to translate the exact meanings and words between the two languages. In the end they gave me a lot of good information that I was able to use in the article, which made writing it much easier than I expected.

After I was done with the interview I had to decide what information I was going to use and in what kind of order I wanted everything to be in. My biggest struggle that I encountered while writing this story was that I kept making all the paragraphs much longer than they needed to be. With my finished product I learned how to eliminate unnecessary information and make the paragraphs shorter. In the end I realized the shorter the paragraphs the better, and it’s easier to understand and read.

I was satisfied with my ending result of my story. I enjoyed writing it, and it helped me learn new things about those who I interviewed as well about myself when it comes to my writing skills.


I am 20 years old and currently I am a junior at the University of Utah. I am majoring in mass communication with an emphasis in public relations, advertising and marketing.

After I graduate I hope to pursue a job in public relations. I love being around people and meeting new ones.