Miraz Rasoul



Every time when I approach writing a story, I begin by focusing on a topic that is timely and interesting. I usually pick something that interests me because I know I will have more fun during the writing process and get a better story in the end. However, I also focus on what most audiences would be attracted to reading as well, because every writer writes with a specific audience in mind, so it’s very important.

When I was brainstorming for my profile story, I had many interesting ideas, but I did something very different from what I’ve ever done before. For my profile story, I went back to a story from the past that I had heard because it had moved and inspired me in many ways. I decided to write about Nermin Darwish and her family, who moved to the United States from Syria in 2001. It’s an incredible story that deserves to be heard and receive recognition.

Darwish’s family are friends of my parents, so I had no problem setting up a time to interview them and begin my research in more detail. They were a great source because she and her husband were exceptionally cooperative during the whole process; they did not mind sharing very personal information. One of the obstacles I faced when writing my story was that I had gathered a lot of information which made it difficult for me to create a focus during the writing process. In the writing process, I had the most trouble with finding my focus and organization; I had to cut out a lot of background information.

Overall, I had a great time writing my profile story. Every step of the process was rewarding because I felt that I could really see my progress. I was very surprised at how well it all came together at the end. I am very proud of my story.


I am currently a third-year student at the University of Utah. I have plans of getting a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with an emphasis in public relations and advertising. I hope to someday work for a company where I work closely with the public. I am also interested in maybe working for a nonprofit organization helping to make an impact in the world.