Elizabeth Averill Briggs



  • Elizabeth Averill Briggs1444 East 1700 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84105                                                                                                                                    Phone: 435-901-3241 elizabethaverill@gmail.comObjective:Seeking a job in a competitive environment where I can demonstrate my leadership qualities, competitiveness, and work ethics. My ability to work well with others as well as interact with the public is an important qualification, which I possess.


    University of Utah 2010-Present

    School of Communication

    Expected graduation in 2013 with a double major in Strategic Communication and international studies with a minor in arts and technology and Spanish.

    GPA: 3.5

    Chapman University       2009-2010 Dodge School of Film: Public Relations and          Advertising

    Park City High School      2005-2009

    Related Coursework

    Introduction to Public Relations 101              Introduction to News Writing

    Introduction to Business                                Introduction to the Digital Arts

    Theories of Persuasion                                  Media and Pop Culture

    Public Speaking                                            Introduction to Film Photography

    Anthropology: Human Experience                Visual Communication


    Honest Tea Road Warrior Intern 05/2011-Present

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    –        A full time Honest Tea employee acting as an ambassador for the brand by promoting, executing events, guerilla marketing, demos and learning new/innovated marketing tactics.

    –         Hands on experience of being the face of the brand to the consumer

    –        Gained experience on how a new organic beverage works in the beverage industry

    –        Obtained a better understanding of marketing and conducting business

    –        Hours: 40 hours a week

    –        Resources:                                                                                                                                                                 Regional Marketing Manager – Swire: Corbett Simon                                                                                              Cell: 801-230-9818 Email: Corbett@honesttea.com


    Park City Freestyle Ski Team Coach 5/2010-Present

    Park City, UT.

    –        Located at the Utah Olympic Sports Park and Park City Mountain Resort, with the responsibility to oversee athlete’s progression in skiing and overall safety.

    –        Worked with all ages and personalities to motivate, set goals, and push athletes to succeed in an effective way.

    Resources:        Park City Freestyle: Mick Berry (435)-640-8752          Fly Freestyle: Tim Preston (435)-513-1660

    Hapa Grill               12/2010-04/2011

    Park City, UT.

    –        Hostess

    Resources:         Restaurant Manager: Sean (301)-992-7829

    Rosenhill-Tragard Farm   7/2010

    World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

    Stockholm, Sweden

    A summer spent working on an organic farm to pay for room and board while studying organic farming to learn about how to be a sustainable and resourceful human being.

    Sundance Film Festival 1/2010

    Wii Fitness game instructor

    – Educated societies elite about wii fitness and the benefits that go along with it.

     Sahara Sun Tanning Salon   7 /2008-1/2009

    Park City, UT.

    -Salon Receptionist

    -Over-saw salon

    Resources:          Manager: Ali Knudsen (435)-901-3180

    Park Meadows Country Club 5/2006-8/2008

    Park City, UT.

    –        Pool Waitress



    Spain Study Abroad 6/2007

    San Sebastian, Spain

    Studied abroad for a summer to develop fluency in Spanish

    -Through living with a Bask host family, adjusting to cultural differences were met and classes were    taken in a local university for four hours a day.


    2010 CPR and First Aid Certified

    Honors and Awards

    Chapman University and University of Utah Deans Scholar



Growing up in Park City, Utah, could not have been a more ideal childhood. With the Wasatch mountain range acting as a big playground, I was able to seek any adventure. After years of various winter sports, I began freestyle mogul skiing, and that is where the real adventure began. By the time I was 15, I was traveling and competing throughout the United States and Canada on the North American Freestyle Tour. Training five days a week and traveling six weeks out of the year to compete became a conflict with school. However, with my long absences I was still able to balance my passion for skiing with school to maintain  a strong GPA. I credit my skiing career as the reason for diligence in my life. It allowed me to accomplish my goals and believe in myself in whatever it is I do.

I was raised with the principle that travel is the ultimate education, and because of this I have been able to travel the world and interact with different cultures, giving me an open attitude towards life. With these experiences I feel that I am able to communicate with all types of people and handle life’s unexpected hurdles with ease. I find that each time I travel I become increasingly aware of the most minute of things, almost seeking an ethnographic experience, whether this is picking up a few words in the language or blindly ordering off of the menu in hopes of trying something new. I am constantly trying to step past the stereotype of a white-sneakered, fanny-pack-wearing American who follows a guide and a precise itinerary, to instead find the heart of the city where the real culture lies.