Lyndsay Frehner



  • Objective
  • To obtain a position that will allow me to work in an uplifting environment while learning new skills and attend school to the point that I can effectively influence both places.
  • Experience
  • University of Utah Registrar’s Office                                   03/2011 to present
  •   As an employee of the Registrar’s office, I work in the Transcript and Verification division.  I am required to keep up on all the daily requests that come in.
  •   My tasks include: processing all window verification and transcript requests, online verifications, answering the telephones, and helping the students that come to the window during my assigned time.
  • Southern Utah University Housing                                         05/2009 – 07/2010
  •  As a member of the SUU Housing team, I was required to be on time every day.  We were entreated to keep the residence halls clean, safe, comfortable, and a fun environment for the guests and residents.
  •  My daily tasks were to clean an assigned area and provide the best cleaning possible for the residents.  As part of the Housing staff, I worked with many people on a daily basis.  We were a tight knit group and more often than not we depended upon others to get their job done so we could accomplish ours.
  • Southern Utah University Public Safety                                    08/2008- 04/2009
  •  While working for the Public Safety department on campus, I was required to log my own hours each day that I worked.  I also was responsible for turning in the paper work for the tickets that were written
  •  The main task of working for the Public Safety Office was ticket writing.  I was to make sure that the cars in the various parking lots had the designated permits to be parked there.
  • Days Remembered Flower Shoppe    05/2006- 08/2008
  •   While working at the flower shop, I was required to oversee the front desk area.
  •   My duties were: answering the phone, greeting customers, upkeep of the store front displays, placing different orders, and basic janitorial duties in the back room where most flower work took place.
  • Education
  • University of Utah     08/2010
  • I am currently attending the University of Utah.  I am studying meteorology.  After graduating from the University of Utah, I hope to work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the Hurricane Center.
  • Southern Utah University    08/2008- 05/2010
  • I attended Southern Utah University for two years.  While attending this college, I worked on completing many general education requirements.  These requirements helped to be farther progressed when I transferred to the University of Utah.
  • Skills
  • I am a highly motivated person who does not require constant supervision and telling what to do.  I look for things to do when my job is finished.  I am also very organized and like to have everything in its place before finishing a task.  Being punctual is very important to accomplish the tasks that need to be done.  I am also willing to learn and do any job that others would not be open to.


I grew up in Las Vegas, Nev., and moved to a small town at the age of 15.  After attending Southern Utah University for two years I transferred to the University of Utah.  I am a junior studying atmospheric sciences.  My dream job would be to work for the National Hurricane Center and study the clouds that develop in hurricanes.  Hooray!