Mitchell Talbot Waite



Mitchell Waite
804 E 2075 S
Bountiful, UT 84010
Phone: 801-809-0830

•    My scholarly pursuits in life are many.  The most far-reaching goal I have for myself is to earn a degree in MASS communications.
•    I relish the task of writing and doing it in many different genres and settings.
•    I love to take on tasks or projects and find my abilities properly tested at the college level.
•    I’m constantly seeking new challenges and love to take a wide variety of classes.
•    I can meet deadlines and organize and prioritize my tasks to ensure that they get done in the most efficient way.
•    Another strength that I have is the ability to go above and beyond the call of duty and I am very influential in my classes.  I love to help and work with other students.  Writing is an art form and helping others discover that is what I do well.
•    I have a knack for easily communicating and interacting with other people.
•    I manage myself well in problem solving situations and am always eager to help team members in similar situations.
•    Knowledge and success are very important to me.

2002    – 2005  Hampton Inn  Woodscross, UT
While working for the Hampton inn, my job experience up to that point was limited. However, through my time there I was able to develop the ability to communicate with customers and not stress in problem solving settings.  Another important job I had was to tend the front desk and help guests with any needs they had.  Many times these needs led me to go above and beyond and ensure quality customer service in a hotel setting.

2005 – 2008   Farmers Insurance  Salt Lake City, UT
Customer Service Rep
The most important task I had during my tenure with Farmers Insurance was ensuring that customers understood the comparing prices of other insurance companies and what they could do to save on money with our insurance company.  I learned to be patient with the customer, especially while helping them try to understand unfamiliar terms and complex policies.  Farmers insurance really taught me how to speak in a way that made even the most difficult information could be understood.

2006 – 2008 LDS Church New Jersey

2008 – Present

Usana Health Sciences
I have been working at Usana Health Sciences for about three years now.  They have trained me in many facilities, and I currently work as a Distributor Service Spanish trainer within the company.  My education has grown immensely at Usana since they offer a tuition reimbursement program; this service has allowed me the liberty of pursuing my education.

I help out and train the Spanish Usana distributors so I continue to sharpen my skills of the language.  Even in my current position I have been involved in a lot of critical writing situations that I have handled very well.  It has expanded my ability to write and communicate, especially pertaining to all things Usana.  I have been given many opportunities to polish my skill and passion of writing.

For two years I provided service to my church and moved to New Jersey to assist the Spanish community there.  While engaging in this volunteer work, I learned to be selfless and help people who were in dismal situations.  Also I was able to learn the Spanish language which has proven useful while working for Usana.  I have in turn been able to utilize these skills in my professional life since returning in 2008.


I am currently a sophomore at the University of Utah.  I am 24 and a communication student.  I transferred to the U. of U. in August 2011 from Salt Lake Community College in order to further study communication.

My experience in communication has been a positive one thus far.  I am gaining more and more knowledge in the subject.

I am open to new ideas and people and when put to a task, can accomplish it with the up most efficiency.  I want to expand my education and become the best at what I do.  I am always seeking ways to set new goals and surpass new horizons.