Beyond the Call of Duty

Two citizens help to apprehend suspects in attempted bank robbery

Story by Megan Combe

Two bank couriers are being hailed as heroes after they aided in the arrest of three suspects in a bank robbery. Dennis Boushie, of Festus, Mo., and Willie Moore, of St. Louis, Mo., went “beyond the call of duty,” said Capt. Ed Kemp of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. “They acted more like police officers than private citizens or bank couriers.”

According to the police report, a man entered the Boatman’s Bank of Pevely, Mo., and demanded, “Give me the money or else!” After the suspect took off with the cash in hand, Boushie and Moore decided to take action. Boushie chased the suspect on foot, while Moore hopped in a bank van to pursue the getaway car.

When later asked why he persued the suspects without a second thought, Boushie answered that it was “just common sense.”

Boushie then helped police identify the vehicle, which was found after a police dispatch was put out. The suspects were traveling northbound on I-55 when police pulled them over and searched the vehicle. Thousands of dollars were found in the suspect’s car, as well as stuffed down the pants of the female suspect, according to Capt. Kemp.

The three suspects are being held in jail at Pevely and have been booked on suspicion of drug possession.