Sean Gustafson



Sean Gustafson
Holladay, Utah 84124

Qualifications & Experience
•    Produced Weekly Student Update Promos (2011)
•    Oversaw the production of remotes (2011)
•    Help Revised the station format (2011)
•    Help promote concerts and station for K-UTE student radio (2011)
•    Helped out setting up and running university Halloween Party (2011)
•    Help Planed for Live Remotes and Events (2010-2011)
•    Set up interviews for other DJ (2011)
•    Help Demonstrate the duties of working in a studio during a tours through the studio (2010)
•    Produced Weekly Student News Updates (2010)
•    Help Set up and take down for offsite remotes for MCC Radio (2010-2011)
•    Help managed the studio when under technical difficulties (2010)
•    Help Set up Interviews and contest for MCC Radio (2010)
•    Familiar with starting up sound equipment at the radio station (2010)
•    Efficient with the soundboard equipment, board opting, music holding systems (2010)
•    Official DJ of 5-k run (2010)
•    Attended production meeting for the Salt Lake Community College Radio Station (2010-2011)
•    Help maintained studio area (2010)
•    Hosted and produced a radio program on MCC Radio (2010-2011)
•    Covered 2010 Spring Graduation Commencement ceremonies (2010)
•    Conducted interviews and surveys for MCC Radio (2010)
•    Efficient with interviewing, pre-announcing, and back- announcing (2010)
•    Severed in Activists Committee at University of Utah’s Institute of Religion (2008-2010)
•    Develop and gave presentations for FCCLA (2005)
•    Served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (2005-2007)
•    Tended workshops on advertising, publicity, and presentations (2004-2005)

Education History
•    Currently attending University of Utah (2011)
•    Salt Lake Community College (2008-2011)
•    Graduated from Olympus High School-HS Diploma (2005)

Work Experience
•    K-UTE Radio, DJ (Salt Lake City, Utah) (2011)
•    Salt Lake Community College, MCC Radio Studios (Taylorsville, Utah) (2010-2011)
•    Granite School District – Churchill Junior High, sweeper (Salt Lake City, Utah)-(2008)
•    Granite School District –Wasatch Junior High, sweeper  (Salt Lake City, Utah)-(2005)
•    5 Buck Pizza, Customer Service and cook (Salt Lake City, Utah)-(2002-2004)

Positions Held
•    Program Director for Radio SLCC (Salt Lake Community College Radio Station) (2011)
•    News Director for MCC Radio Studio (Salt Lake Community College Radio Station) (2010)
•    Activity Committee Member for LDSSA at the University of Utah (2009-2011)
•    Sports and Recreation Committee Member for LDSSA University of Utah (2009)
•    Missionary for the LDS Church (2005-2007)
•    Vice President of Publicly for FCCLA -in charge of publicity and activities (2004-2005)
•    Olympus High School Homecoming Committee- in charge of activities. (2003-2005)

•    Alison Arndt Wild, Media Coordinator for SLCC Div of Arts & Communication, (801) 957-4587,
•    Bruce Newton, Bishop – 801-272-8596,
•    Rob Branch, Faculty Advisor – Radio SLCC MCC Radio, (801) 957-4537,


From an early age, I have learned to love writing. Due to troubles in reading and speaking in my earlier years, I would spend weeks in the library reading out load anything I could. This helped me read, write and speak better. It was in those halls of books that my love for writing began.

Since then, I have continued to read and write, developing my skills. In the fall of 2010 I reopened the news director position at Radio SLCC (then called Globe Radio). There I oversaw all news stories that were aired on the radio.

Roughly six months later, I became the program director for the entire station. There I wrote and published promos and announcements that would be read over the air.  In addition to this I also assisted in the reformatting of the station and representing the station to faculty and staff in a variety of settings like radio remotes and other station functions.

In the fall on 2011, I transferred to the University of Utah where I am currently working a degree in mass communication.  It is there I hope to gain a greater understanding of how to communicate using the different forms of media that are out there.