Birth Control ranks lowest among voters concerns.

According to USA Today/Gallup poll, Americans are less concerned with government policies concerning birth control than any other issue discussed in this year’s presidential election campaign.

Only 20 percent of registered voters voted birth control as an extremely important national issue. Other concerns, such as international issues, were voted at least a 36 percent on the national issues list.

Some Americans feel that birth control should not be a national issue at all and should not even be mentioned.

“I don’t agree that birth control should be a national issue, it should be personal,” said Hilda Bravo, University of Utah academic program specialist. “I think that I would just rather they don’t talk about it.”

Where most Americans agree with Bravo, there are a few that believe that the government policies behind birth control are to be concerned with.

“I can see why most people would rank birth control as the least of national concern but what they aren’t looking at are the government policies behind birth control,” said Karen Klc, University of Utah secretary. “I still would not rank it the top concern but I definitely would not rank it the lowest.”

University of Utah student, Steve Richardson agreed with both Klc and Bravo concerning the birth control issue. He believes that birth control is an important issue to be concerned with. However, he also believes that there are other national issues such as healthcare and gas prices that require more attention.