Birth Control is Least Important Issue in 2012 Election, Poll Suggests

by Mark LeBaron

A recent Gallup poll shows policies concerning birth control lag behind other political issues for the 2012 election amongst registered voters.

Healthcare, unemployment and the federal budget were a few of the issues that had more “extremely” and “very important” responses in the poll, which was conducted March 25-26 with a random sample of 901 registered voters.

The results didn’t surprise many people.

“Birth control is a personal choice and shouldn’t really be an issue right now” said Danny Gonzalez, a financial planner. “In the state we are in right now, we need to focus on unemployment and the federal budget.”

Others put healthcare as their most important issue. Recently, the Supreme Court has begun examining to see if the Affordable Healthcare Act is constitutional. Its constitutionality hinges on if the government can mandate that every citizen either have health insurance or suffer a fine.

“The healthcare bill must be struck down as being unconstitutional,” said Forrest Kelsey, a student studying psychology at Utah Valley University. “The bill will be like the federal budget; spending money we do not have.”

Current presidential candidates have been campaigning hard on these issues. Seven months from the national election, many people may not know whom they will vote for.

“I haven’t decided who I am going to vote for yet,” said Alex Germane, a mechanical engineering major at the University of Texas-San Antonio. “I want a president who is respectful and honorable.”

Gonzalez echoed Germane’s sentiments.

“The media is never going to give a pure opinion about a candidate. I have to do my own research,” said Gonzalez.

There are still many things to come forth from this year’s campaigning and elections.

The poll has a sampling error of plus or minus 4 percent. To access this and other polls, visit