It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

By. R. Ammon Ayres

SALT LAKE CITY – Students who graduate with their Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) are finding that their degrees are not enough to secure a job.

Ever since the economy crashed back in 2008, many men and women have struggled providing for their families. The situation has slightly changed since, and is worse for Americans who prepared for their future by investing in their greatest investment, themselves. Dedicated students put themselves through school with help from their family, government and student loans, but now find that they are unable to find a job which can pay enough money to pay the loans they took out for college.

It’s hard for anyone to act ignorant to America’s crisis situation; in a general aspect everyone in the USA has experienced a negative effect from the failure of the economy. If every citizen does not personally know someone who is unemployed, there is a likely chance they have seen homeless people on the street. The unemployed reach from all different classes; graduating students are finding it difficult to fight their fellow classmates for the limited number of jobs. There is one cutting solution that can outdo a college degree; this advantage is found within the branches of a professional network.

In America’s modern economy 80 percent of people are finding employment through using someone they know, said Salt Lake City attorney Matthew Driggs.

“The economy has been tough for all applicants, when we have an opening we scan through over one hundred applicants who have an MBA.  When we do hire someone they are only paid $12 dollars an hour with benefits,” said Driggs. When employment is scarce those without jobs will take work for less money. $12 an hour cant pay the bills, let alone the expensive student loans.

Spencer Taggart who is a former manager at Blendtech in Orem, Utah, had a wonderful experience finding a job after receiving his degree. “I secured my job within a week of graduation because I built my network, and was able to call some favors,” said Taggart.

“The best thing anyone could do for their lifelong career is by building their network… When you meet a prominent business man get him to remember you, get their contact information and keep in contact,” said Taggart.

Recent Utah State University MBA graduate Michael Hill had a tough time trying to find a job. His expectations upon graduation were high, “While numbers where constantly thrown around, we were generally told we would have no problems finding a job, and hoped to start our careers making $50 to $60 thousand a year.” Hill discovered finding a job wouldn’t be so easy. His first job he made $18,000 a year, working in a call center. After submitting hundreds of applications he found a job that he could use his MBA with.

“I found networking was the only way to find employment… My MBA did me nothing in the quest to finding a career on my own,” said Hill.

Successful businessmen have made networks which allow them to be their own bosses. Not every successful business man has an MBA, or a college degree for that matter. Everyone is struggling, not just those who have gone to school. The successful business men who don’t have degrees do have amazing people skills, and the ability to get things done. Anyone can create a successful network, and that’s what it will take to have more success in  the job search. More and more Americans are discovering the truth in the common term “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”