by Andrew S. Jones

SALT LAKE CITY – The majority of American voters share consensus on what the most influential issues regarding their vote will be in the upcoming November elections. The best candidate for the job, however, is still a toss up according to the latest Gallup poll.

The topic of healthcare received the highest ratings of either extremely or very important followed by unemployment and the federal budget.

While putting some voice to the numbers, people on campus show a broad set of opinions, but show no signs of a committed vote.

“I consider myself more moderate, however in [Utah] I just take that to mean I am a democrat,” said campus advisor Charlotte Hansenterry who felt that healthcare and unemployment would be her two biggest factors to consider for the upcoming elections.

Hansenterry made it clear she was worried about the Tea Party’s influence in the GOP and how it seemingly is splitting the party.

“I feel the lesser to two evils would be voting for Obama at this point,” she said, “but my opinion could change at any moment.”

Strategic communications major, Joel McAllister added that he puts a lot of weight behind the candidate’s plan to support research.

“I would like to hear what the debates will bring out from the candidates on that issue as well before I decide. “

McAllister also stated that he is paying attention to track records. When asked who is more convincing, he assured he still wasn’t absolute.

“Obama is always very convincing, but he hasn’t delivered yet. That being said, I’m leaning more towards Mitt Romney and his record at this point.”

Freshmen Wilma Lazaro-Urcinole admits she first needs to get up to speed.

“This is my first election to vote in, but all I know is the a lot of people don’t like Romney.”