New Poll Reveals Importance of National Budget in Upcoming Election

by Brent Flory

SALT LAKE CITY-According to a new poll conducted by Gallup, registered voters say the presidential candidates’ views on the federal budget deficit and national debt will be extremely important in determining who gets their vote.

For President Barack Obama, this means focusing his campaign on plans to decrease national debt.  If not successfully executed, it could be the end of the road for Obama.

            According to the poll, released on Monday, 83 percent of Democrats say the federal budget deficit and national debt will strongly influence their choice for president.  If Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination, he could gain some Democratic votes, if voters believe he is the better choice for the economy.

            Local voters agree with the poll.  Amber Christenson, a Salt Lake Community College student, said, “I was one of the biggest Obama supporters in 2008 but the national debt just continues to increase.  I won’t be voting for him in November.”

            Christenson said she agrees with many of President Obama’s views however, the economy is most important in determining her vote.

            The poll also revealed 83 percent of Republicans feel the issue of national debt is imperative in making their choice for president.  University of Utah student Brett Andrews, a declared Republican, said he will vote for the candidate that has developed the best economic blueprint.

            “We are paying billions of dollars in interest…we aren’t even paying off our deficit.  I’m going to choose the candidate with the best economic plan in place,” said Andrews.

            Gas prices are also important to voters, according to the new poll.  Of the registered voters polled, 73 percent said gas prices were important when they fill out their ballots.

            When asked to what degree of importance gas prices in determining his vote, Andrews replied, “Economy is most important.  If the economy is in-line, gas prices naturally will go down.”

            Complete details of the poll can be found online at