Britt Brooks




Before taking my first news writing class, I imagined the journalism field as one of clicking pens, quick deadlines and pushy-yet-nice reporters. Needless to say, I was in for a big surprise when I started learning about the hard work, charisma and genuine interest journalists need to have in order to succeed.

I have a background in creative writing. Poetry and fiction have come rather naturally to me, and creating characters from my everyday surroundings has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Journalism is so interesting to me because it actualizes and deepens the story that can be behind the person I’m interviewing.FullSizeRender (3)

The art of good reporting is definitely under appreciated. (We had to buy a 600-page stylebook for things as small as hyphens and commas.) The sheer amount of knowledge and research that go into news articles was shocking. I’ve gained a lot of respect for the press industry in just one semester.

With the daunting project of my enterprise story looming over me, I felt nervous and… like a rookie. Which I was. Which I still kind of am. But that’s okay because if I’ve learned anything from writing, practice does nothing but make you better.

I needed something for this story that would keep my interest, as well as challenge me. Clothing is something I’ve been fascinated by since I can remember, so it felt like the right choice from the beginning. As a little girl I worshiped fashion magazines (let’s not kid ourselves, I still do). I watched award shows just to see the celebrities’ red carpet dresses, and I’ve picked my own outfits since before I knew what a runway was.

I find the intertwining of social media and businesses a unique dynamic. Social media’s impact on the fashion industry was an idea that jumped at me. Being able to interview such driven and creative people from my hometown of Salt Lake was truly an honor. I felt absolutely inspired after learning about the hard work behind their businesses.


I am a 20-year-old sophomore at the University of Utah. I’ve decided to major in strategic communication and double minor in Spanish and creative writing. Whether it’s fiction, poetry, or journalism, I’m happiest with a pen in my hand.

I love to travel and experience new places. My favorite trip I’ve taken so far is definitely Mexico. I was able to speak Spanish all day every day as well as learn so much about the people and culture I was visiting. One of my dreams is to travel the world and write about each person I meet and each place I see.

The future has always seemed scary to me, and until recently I couldn’t really procure a clear picture in my mind of where I was going. Thanks to really great classes and clubs, I’ve never felt more excited or empowered about my future than I do now.