Kaylee Anderson



Writing my enterprise story was my favorite part of this whole class and experience. It gave me an opportunity to combine what interests and drives me with news writing skills.

I chose to do my story on how mental health is heightened when you get to college and what you can do to help deal with it. I feel passionate about this topic and finding sources was fairly easy. I went to my personal psychiatrist because I knew she had a lot of insight about the topic. The next step was the University Counseling Center, I got in touch with the assistant director and he gave me great information for my story.

The biggest dilemma I faced while writing my story was to keep myself out of it. I feel so strongly about my topic so it was hard to keep my ideas, personal stories, and my own opinions out. I did a good job of that and only wrote about the people who I interviewed thoughts.

I started by making an outline for my story and participated heavily during the in class peer critiques. Then, I sat down one night and wrote out the whole thing in one sitting because that is how my brain accomplishes things better.

The part that surprised me the most, was how kind the people were that I interviewed, I know mental illness is a touchy subject but everyone was so willing to help my cause. I was also pleasantly surprised on how much fun I had with the story. I really enjoyed talking with people and including their thoughts to make my story flow. I had a wonderful experience with this story.


Kaylee Anderson is a sophomore at the University of Utah studying communication with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. She also is interested in psychology and how the mind works.

Kaylee enjoys writing and traveling to places like Rome and Spain. She is a part of the Pi Beta Phi sorority on campus and plans to run for an executive position next year.

Kaylee was born and raised in Utah and graduated from Juan Diego Catholic High school with a 3.5 GPA and lettered in cheerleading.

Kaylee is passionate about mental health and hopes to raise awareness to the subject through her writing and broadcasting skills. One day Kaylee hopes she will work with a news company and be able to broadcast the news to the public.