Natalie Mumm


Born and raised in Southern California, I moved to Utah in 2015 to pursue a Communication degree, focusing on the Strategic Communication sequence, with a minor in Arts and Technology at the University of Utah. I am a part of the Delta Gamma Sorority, which allows me to involve myself with the community, and the campus, in various volunteer opportunities. After graduation, my goal is to work as a social media manager for a company.

Through the course of the Arts and Technology minor, I have taken Intro to Digital Photography. This class is what initially introduced me to The Salt Lake Gallery Stroll. An assignment allowed students to attend the event, and visit a minimum of two galleries. Talking with an artist or representative of the gallery, as well as documenting your attendance with various photos was required.

I found The Salt Lake Gallery Stroll to be very amusing. I carried a goal to introduce the event to college students and young adults through my story. Hoping to enlighten individuals, and increase attendance at future gallery strolls.

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