Day of the Dead, celebrating and remembering our dead. Reflection blog.

I first took an interest in the day of the dead after traveling to Mexico during the month of October in 2015. While there it was interesting to witness various perspectives on death. I noticed that there were two opposing concepts of death: remembering those who have passed on and a more religious aspect, including the worship of death itself. Although I decided to stick with researching “day of dead,” during my research came to further understand both concepts more fully.

Most of my sources came from attendees at the annual day of dead festival in West Valley City. I also had the opportunity to speak with long-time celebrators of this well-known Mexican holiday. I consider these to be good sources because I was able to gain a better understanding of what people were actually experiencing during this event.

One of the obstacles I encountered came when attempting to interview people who were involved in organizing the event. For whatever reason, the individual I interviewed decided she wanted to remain anonymous.

After gathering all of the details for the story I decided that I wanted the story to emphasize the purpose of this celebration as well provide a context for some of the symbolic artifacts used to better understand the intent behind it. Although I did not include all aspects of symbolism I included those that were most common.

Christian Gonzalez