Reflection Blog- Natalie Mumm

I developed my story, “Salt Lake Gallery Stroll aids making art obtainable” through the introduction of the event from one of my photography professor at the University of Utah. An assignment for the class allowed me to not only attend the event but find interest in the event as well, then leading me to indulge in the event and cover it for a news writing story. I located various sources by simply further educating myself on the event, and finding the best galleries participating, and visited them. Looking for young adults, I spoke to individuals attending, individuals working, and even artists to share their thoughts and opinions on the gallery stroll. Younger individuals were the best sources for my story because the stories purpose was to educate and encourage people to attend the event with enthusiasm about the art culture, which younger generations may lack.

Fortunately, no large obstacles, ethical issues, or moral dilemmas occurred, and the progression of the story was successful. The information obtained was easy to make sense of, as it was all information about the event, and encouraging words through interviews, making it simple to decide to focus on the encouragement of art to the public community.

The writing process become more of an exciting, rather than mandatory feeling, because of the personal interest I found in the event, and my desire to share it with those who read my article. As I took the route of my story to persuade readers to attend, another route, or story that would be entertaining would be a feature story on a, or multiple specific galleries or artists, because of how diverse and indulging they all are. However, my story was not the place for in depth biographies on artists and their galleries, I hope my story interests and persuades readers enough to go discover those said artists and galleries themselves.


Enterprise Story