Reflections on Campus Carry

By Alyssa Gum

SALT LAKE CITY— In the past few years, gun control has been a hot topic. With multiple events in the recent news involving mass shootings, I think this is an important idea to talk about. We, as consumers, see a lot of opinions about this issue but not a lot of facts. I found sources by finding relevant organizations to the campus carry debate (Students for Gun Free Schools and Students for Concealed Carry) and interviewing representatives from those organizations. I also decided to interview a student at The University of Utah to bring all of this back to home. I tried to make sense of all of the different information by comparing what the people I interviewed had to say to relevant statistics and studies. It was difficult to present both sides of this argument fairly and to make this as concise as possible, because it is such a broad topic. I interviewed Spencer Eiting, who is a student at The University of Utah who has his concealed carry permit. He talked about how he works at the university hospital and how he saw people come in who were victims of violent crimes. With this experience, he decided to research violent crime statistics in Utah. This, combined with threats from mentally unstable patients, caused him to want to obtain his concealed carry permit. I also found it interesting that although he does carry a concealed firearm to his classes most days, he thinks it is too easy to obtain a concealed carry permit in Utah. Many people who you talk to on the subject have a strong view one way or another, but he seemed to have a very moderate view.

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