Elizabeth Nygaard



When thinking of what to write about for my story, I had many ideas in my mind. I thought about writing on service dogs, cheap airline flights and local coffee shops.

One idea stuck out though, dessert.

I am in love with dessert; it is my favorite meal of the day. Ever since I could eat sweets, I was a dessert girl!

I knew I wanted my story to be fun — there is nothing about a dessert that’s not fun! I didn’t want to write about anything serious or of a hot topic because that’s just not me.

I wrote my story on three local dessert shops in Salt Lake City. I wanted to focus on different styles of dessert. Ranging from edible cookie dough, incredible ice cream, and gourmet desserts I hit all the dessert bases.

It was hard to pick only three dessert shops; I had people giving me recommendations left and right.

I thought it was so interesting how relatable dessert is and how no one talks about it. It is always an afterthought. Maybe that’s why dessert comes after dinners. If you want me to be honest though, dessert comes before dinner for me.

To begin my story I had to hit up the dessert spots and get the best desserts

To no one’s surprise my boyfriend was ecstatic to get out and try all the desserts in Salt Lake. My original plan was to go to one shop every weekend, but we ended up going every night. It was just too much fun trying different sweets!

The first shop we went to was Dough Co. For a Tuesday night this place was insanely busy. We got delicious cookie dough recommended by the employees and talked to this awesome family who was out for family night.

This family gave me another excuse to go out for dessert! Family time!

On Wednesday night we went to Last Course in Salt Lake City. Last Course is the reason I wanted to write about dessert. This place takes dessert to the next level.

Last Course offers ice cream and gourmet treats. The workers push newcomers to taste test all the ice cream options.

We ended up with two desserts and two ice cream scoops. For two people this was more than enough dessert. We chose the Glaming S’mores and the Upside Down Caramel Apple Pie based on a recommendation of the employees.

For our last and final dessert stop we hit up Normal Ice Cream. This is a food truck but is in Trolley Square for the winter.

It features a good deal of diverse ice cream options. After reading through the menu we ended up getting the signature White Out and London Fog ice cream cones.

These aren’t like normal ice cream cones. The only word I can think of to explain these cones is: beautiful.

Going through this experience of having dessert every night for a week was amazing. I would recommend anyone to do it. I loved all the different options available in Salt Lake City.

Dessert should be everyone’s favorite meal of the day. Dessert makes everyone happy and everyone deserves to be happy!


Growing up I never knew what I wanted to do. My friends wanted to be firefighters, veterinarians and doctors. I still had no idea what I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by marketing. My dad’s been working with the same company since I was born. I’ve been surrounded by catch phrases and commercials.

Throughout high school I was interesting in psychology and how people work. Going into college psychology was going to be my specialty, and I was excited. Like many other college students I took my first biology class and figured out science wasn’t my thing. To be successful in psychology, it is recommended to head for a pre-med route. I knew I couldn’t do that since science and math just aren’t my thing. My second idea was to head to business school and go into marketing. When I talked to advisors they recommended strategic communication, because this would let me be creative but still work for a marketing company. I am currently a sophomore and starting my major. I am so happy to be starting what I want to do.

On top of studying and working I’ve been training service dogs for military veterans. This has to be the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my lifetime. Working with veterans and seeing first hand how my efforts can change someone’s life is amazing.