Eric Jerome



As a member of the climbing team, the idea to highlight the team and its success seemed very appealing. I chose a variety of sources, the first, Danny Popowski, was an easy choice as he had started the team himself a few years ago. His perspective seemed invaluable to the story, and his comments really communicated to the reader how successful the team has been.

For my other sources, Monica Barnes and Sam Enright, I wanted to highlight that the team is made up of both seasoned climbers as well as newer, less experienced climbers. Barnes, having only recently begun climbing, provided us with a fresh and genuine perspective. Enright was able to provide readers the perspective of a very accomplished, goal-oriented climber.

During the course of writing this story I was pleased to not be met with many obstacles. My interviews went smoothly and my sources were very helpful. I gathered quite a bit of information from my interviews, but I wanted to keep my focus on the experience level of the climbers, how the team has helped them, and how they are preparing for nationals.

rookieThe actual act of writing this story was pretty easy for me. I simply decided on what kind of lead I wanted, what tone I wanted to set, and how I wanted to portray my sources. I really enjoyed this story and I hope the audience is captivated by my narrative and intrigued by the climbing team and storytelling.


Eric Jerome is a student at the University of Utah studying strategic communication. Born in Finksburg, Maryland, Eric only recently moved to Utah to pursue his love of rock climbing. Aside from climbing, Eric also enjoys making art and eating copious amounts of food.