Reflection Blog: Kara Rhodes

As a Gender Studies major I have always been fascinated with career choices of females and males. Why do they want to do what they do? I decided that I would write a story on women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). I have never been interested in STEM but, I knew that they are difficult fields to be involved in. I located sources that I knew personally because I knew it would be the quickest response time while still being valid. I reached out on social media platforms to find people willing to be interviewed. I went researching on good ol’ google for statistics on women in STEM. These sources were the best sources for my story because they are local and they have real experience in these areas. There were a few obstacles that I had to work around because research on women in STEM is difficult to find. There were no moral issues but I had a difficult time not giving my own opinion and bias. Bringing it all together was fairly easy because the questions I chose to ask were filtered toward a few questions in mind. Why aren’t there as man women in STEM as their are men? I really enjoyed writing this story and I learned a lot about my writing as well as how to improve it. There will always be something to learn about writing and that is why I’d like to become a journalist upon graduation. STEM is such an interesting field and I wish there were more that I could contribute to letting children know that anyone can be successful in whatever they pursue.