Reflection Blog: Paula Garcia

The cruelty-free cosmetics industry is currently booming

I decided to write about a controversial issue that shouldn’t be as controversial as it actually is: animal testing in the cosmetics industry. It is controversial because people have to take a stance and convince others that animal testing in the cosmetics industry is wrong – but it shouldn’t be that way. The horrors that animals endure for reasons related to vanity are evident, and anyone can get educated about them through a simple Google search.

I work at LUSH Cosmetics and our company’s slogan or whatever is “FIGHTING ANIMAL TESTING.” They are a global leader in the fight against animal testing and have inspired and educated me deeply on the topic, which has made me passionate about it. I knew that the cruelty-free cosmetics industry would be the best topic for me to cover because of this.

I located my sources for my story by going to the root of everything – the Lush store I work at. I interviewed one of my coworkers, and a close friend of mine that used to work at the store too. Although my close friend no longer works at Lush, she is passionate about the fight against animal testing. They were the best sources for my story because they are passionate and educated about the cause.

I encountered the moral dilemma of exposing certain companies or not, but I overcame it by deciding that the wellbeing of animals is more important than the financial wellbeing of a corporation.

I was surprised by how passionate I actually am about this issue. I was also surprised by how willing the people I interviewed were to be interviewed.