Luke Fortune



When choosing a topic for my enterprise story I looked at all the things I enjoyed doing and took a deeper look into some of the important issues facing them. One of the larger issues here in Utah has to do with land management and the reduction of public lands. I had previously heard that a large trade show that showcases all the different activities I enjoy chose to leave Utah due to their poor decisions surrounding their land. I chose this as my topic and researched further the impacts that the show leaving might have on Utah and the people who spend their time in the outdoors.

To get sources for this story I looked at all the different people and businesses that were very vocal of their discontent toward Utah’s decisions. I then chose a few of them and reached out to individuals within the companies. I also looked to some professors at the U that had some insights on the economic impacts of the leave and what that might entail. I ran into some issues when contacting sources but simply due to the fact that most of who I reached out to never actually responded. I was contacting businesses that were not located in Utah and people who worked out of state so it was impossible for me to be pushy and visit them face to face to get an interview. I did, however, get some interviews and it worked out in the end.

The overall writing process was another challenge for me due to the fact I was learning a whole new style of writing and I had to write in a way that sounded natural. I have always written in an essay format and never had to change so it was definitely challenging for me to get comfortable with the new writing style. Overall I think being the first news story I have done I think it went fairly well. I definitely have some things to do differently in the future but it was a good learning experience.


Luke Fortune is currently a student at the University of Utah studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Business. Luke is 21 years old and he is in his third year of college with plans to graduate in May 2019.