Braden Rollins



Gathering information and creating a story for the masses to consume can be quite the experience. I found many obstacles in my first foray into the world of journalism that required me to adapt and learn in order to succeed.

Finding interesting story ideas can prove frustrating. And finding a subject that is timely and relevant to the majority can be difficult. I may search for story subjects by observing commentaries that were already occurring in the media. Once I chose a subject I broke it down to find an aspect that has not been or barely covered by other media.

The second most difficult aspect of journalism was locating sources who were willing to be interviewed on my chosen subject. You can come across possible sources but they may refuse to go on record or refuse to speak with you altogether.

Once I found a knowledgeable source willing to go on record much of the stress of gathering information is alleviated. Interviewing sources was fairly painless because I did my best to prepare questions related to my story and did research into how that person relates to it.

My interview process consisted of having a prepared outline at hand during the interview. When I had permission to record an interview I kept note of the time in the interview key points are brought up so I could reference information in my recording with ease later on.

After organizing my collected information I list my facts from most important to least important like an inverted pyramid. This way the most pertinent information is presented first and will hopefully keep the reader’s attention through the story.

Writing like a journalist has also helped me learn to write more concisely as opposed to wordy essays I’ve written for other classes

In the end, it comes down to continuously practicing and using the many skills required to be a good journalist.  


1Having lived in the Salt Lake Valley my entire life, I have an affinity for Utah. Though I love visiting new places outside the state I am very much a homebody and will probably stay in Utah into the distant future.

In my final years of study at the University of Utah, I greatly enjoy my classes in strategic communication and look forward to exploring the many opportunities my degree will open for me.

Though I work full time along with my studies at the University of Utah I enjoy exploring my hobby of photography as an activity outside of what is required of me by my job and school. I also greatly enjoy reading novels, whether they be adventure, nonfiction, sci-fi, or horror. believing that reading is one way to distance myself from our digital world.

All of my success so far would not have been possible without the support of my amazing wife. She helps maintain our household while I am busy at work and school. Once finished with school I look forward to bettering my family’s situation.