Megan Gilson



I saw this article as an opportunity to introduce the world to something new. I only had two requirements for my topic: I wanted it to be exciting and inspiring.

Initially, I happened upon my story by mere chance. One weekend, I was searching for something fun to do and I came across Logan Food Tour. It’s not everyday you find something new to do in Logan, so I was intrigued.

I was first interested in what the business does and the experience it provides. I was scooped up in excitement of the idea, and was confident it would make a good story. As I pursued the idea, I hoped that there was something inspiring beneath it all.

To start, I decided there is no better source than the creator, so I reached out to the owner of Logan Food Tour, Austin Jensen. Throughout the interview we discussed what the business is and how it came to be, and how he ended up where he is.

Later, I was able to meet with one of owners of the restaurants that Logan Food Tour works with, and talk to one of the participants. This gave me two different perspectives about what Logan Food Tour is offering and how it has impacted them.

I was left with a lot of great information but most of all, I felt inspired. I knew I had found the component that the story was missing.

Jensen, instead of his business, became my focus.

Even with a clear idea in my mind of how I wanted everything to play out, the writing process was harder than expected. I found myself struggling to find a balance between the excitement of the business and the inspiring story of the owner. I learned that both were important, and tried to adequately tell the stories of each one.

After meeting with Jensen, he invited me to participate in one of the food tours. It absolutely exceeded my expectations. I could see Jensen’s passion as he guided the tour, and I felt like I was part of each restaurant’s story. It really was the ultimate experience. Plus, the food was excellent and as promised, by the end, I was stuffed.

I find, time and time again, that I am always surprised by the ambition of entrepreneurs, and Jensen was no exception. He was determined to grow through experience, even if that meant starting from scratch.

Throughout this experience, I ended up gaining a lot more than a story I was proud of.  I made new friends, ate great food, and felt inspired to pursue my own dreams.


56307872204__BB65FAA9-BAFD-413E-B13A-22E517CE88E5I am a junior at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in strategic communication with a minor in business. I grew up in Salt Lake City, but I moved to Logan this summer after marrying my husband.

I love writing and design and hope to incorporate both in my future career. I am currently engaged in freelance work, helping start-up companies with logo and website design. I have loved creating relationships with new businesses and developing new skills through my work.

When I’m not working or doing homework, I enjoy boating, watching movies and traveling.