Josh Ludlow

MY STORY: Goalkeeping done right, from TIP Goalkeeping


For many weeks I wondered what I was going to write my enterprise story on. I debated in my head whether I should write a story on a restaurant I really enjoy, a business I am interested in or a person who has an interesting story. But as I continued to think about what I enjoy doing, the thought came to me to contact my old friend Brian Simmons about his goalkeeping start-up company.

Brian and I had worked together when I was in high school playing as goalkeeper for the team. He was my goalkeeper coach. We became close friends and had stayed in touch off and on throughout the years following my high school career. I remembered he had said something once about starting up some goalkeeping deal with high schoolers. So I contacted him and asked about it.

When I asked Brian about what he had been doing with his small business he said to come and see. He invited me to one of the Saturday morning sessions, which started at the ripe time of 8 a.m. Upon attending I was able to gather contact information for those whom I could interview for details about TIP Goalkeeping. Watching the session was enjoyable and provided more insight into what was happening at TIP than actually interviewing. They even let me kick a few soccer balls at the kids who were training.

When I left the field I couldn’t have felt more confident about the story I was going to put together. I had details of the environment, the type of training that was happening and a better grasp on what could make the story enticing. I want to thank Brian for letting me come and let me see what good he is doing for those he works with.  


The sport world carries my heart — especially college football and the international sport of soccer.

IMG_20180317_143950 (1)I have always had a ball at my feet since I can remember. I began playing at the age of 5 in the local recreation league. I was not the best on the team but I enjoyed playing. Later on I learned that I was pretty good at playing goalkeeper. I stuck with that all throughout high school and was offered to play at a few colleges. I turned the offers down.

Playing, however, sparked something I have come to love: coaching and teaching the younger generation what I wished I had known about correct technique and form. I currently coach for a club in Davis County.

I am a student at the University of Utah where I am studying communication. However, that will be changing come the next semester as I pursue my dream of studying sports psychology.

It is my hope that one day, I will be able to look back through my life and be able to say that I was able to help people.