Spencer K. Gregory



I have always been passionate about capturing the story.

I have been a volunteer student leader at the Bennion Center for about two years. As I have been able to serve my community and local students in their service journey, I have been able to develop a desire to increase in my own civic engagement and awareness and strive to help others learn the same.

Photography has always been my passion. I was the photography team leader on the communications team at the Bennion Center. Over time, I have developed to be the design team leader over the graphic designers as I focus on the media developed for the TV monitor screens in the Union building.

Although I have not always been actively a part of direct service, I believe my efforts have primarily been to help increase awareness of the active participants of the Bennion Center. This has helped me to develop skills dealing with graphic design development, photography, and videography.

My desire for this project was to apply the skills I have learned from my involvement at the Bennion Center into developing and capturing the story of the Bags to Beds program.

Bags to Beds has been such a great program that has done so much good for the community, and I wanted to capture the story of how it started and developed into the unique program that it is. It offers solutions to two community problems, homelessness and plastic waste.

Kaitlin McLean has been an inspiration to so many individuals, and I believe that we can all have a great impact as we strive to look for ways we can get actively engaged in our local community to make a positive change.


I strive for civic engagement and community awareness.Professional Photo (Spencer Gregory)

I grew up loving to explore and create. My favorite things to do were playing with Legos or traveling outside. As I have grown up, I continue to love exploring what I can do to engage myself more in the community.

Throughout my whole life, I have been interested in photography, writing and design. I always try to see how I can portray the story in the best way. Whether it’s an event I’m trying to promote, a product I’m trying to capture, or a story about someone’s life, I make sure to portray to the best of my ability to create something intriguing.

I now major in strategic communication with a multidisciplinary design minor and an arts technology major. I plan to strive to enhance my skills to continue to develop as an active part in my community.