Nicholas Gruet: Reflection Blog

Reflections on A little side hustle never hurt nobody.

By Nicholas Gruet

When I was given this assignment, the first thing that came to mind was reselling. It’s an easy side hustle that anyone can do. All you have to do is a little research about what’s hot and what’s not and then buy and resell it later on down the road.

When locating my sources, I immediately thought of my friends. Many of my friends make all of their money reselling trendy items. My friends would bring first-hand knowledge to the story and how they got into the business. This would ultimately bring credibility to the story.

Continuing on with my story, I never came upon a problem. It was fairly easy to get in contact with my friends and get them to do an interview with me. The interviews were great and I was able to gather a ton of information. It was tough deciding what angle to attack this story from and in the end, I decided to make it a story about how college students can make a little side cash with an easy hustle.

The writing process was fun. I was able to write a story that I had much interest in and it was pretty easy to make the longer word count.

An important detail that didn’t make it into the story is that the majority of the items that you buy and resell are going to be about pop-culture. So, having a broad knowledge with pop-culture will help you decide what will sell best.

Overall nothing really surprised me in this story. I have been around reselling for many years and understand how it works. It was just really awesome to share something that interests me on my blog.