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Scooting around Salt Lake City, the debate over the Lime and Bird Scooters

Scooters have been a big presence among this past year. I have seen them everywhere within the Salt Lake City downtown area and always wanted to try one out. When trying to come up with a story idea, I was walking around campus of the University of Utah and almost got hit by one of the riders who was riding throughout campus.

Then the idea came to me, to talk about the safety of scooters and whether they should stay or go. So I decided to contact the city, and talk to the director over transportation of Salt Lake City. I thought talking directly to the city would be a good source. I learned that overall the city is approving of the scooters. I then decided to interview one student who was supportive of the scooters and one businessman working downtown who is against the scooters. I wanted to see their opinions, so I could get some real life opinions about the scooters and their safety.

I already knew the direction I wanted to take with the story, so after gathering the interviews I knew they would fit in perfectly with each section of the story. The writing process went well with the story, it was a good flow and easy to connect the pieces. The most surprising aspect of the story would be how supportive the city and schools are of the scooters considering the safety issues that have been of concern.

Overall If I was asked whether I was supportive of the scooters, I would say yes. I think that the safety issues are being addressed and it is a great way to transport through the city and schools in a friendly environmental stance.

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